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Bronze Level Awards

Bronze Star (2020)
Bronze Medallion (2020)
Bronze Cross (2020)
Bronze Cross Recertification (2020)
Bronze Cross and Recertification (2013)

Bronze Medallion and Recertification (2013)
Bronze Star (2013)
Bronze Revisions Registration Form

National Lifeguard (NL)
Victim Participant List
NLS Pool
NLS Waterfront
NLS Surf

Other Award Test Sheets
Aquatic Master Sheet
Boat Rescue
Swim To Survive Evaluation Form
Water Rescue for First Responders

CPR/First Aid
CPR A, B, C,-D (all with AED) (2013)
Basic First Aid
Emergency First Aid with CPR A/AED
Emergency First Aid with CPR B/AED
Emergency First Aid with CPR C/AED
Emergency First Aid with CPR-HCP/AED
Standard First Aid with CPR "C"/AED
Standard First Aid with CPR-HCP/AED
Oxygen Administration

Swim Patrol Performance Records
Rookie performance record
Ranger performance record
Star performance record

LSI Course Roster
Exam Standards Clinic Course Roster
Advanced Leadership Application Form
(to apply for NLS/SFA Instructor, Instructor Trainer, and First Aid Instructor)
Lifesaving Instructor Practice Teaching Form
Leadership Recertification Credit Card Instructions
Leadership Recertification Credit Card
Learn to Swim Course Roster Instructor
Learn to Swim Course Roster Assistant Instructor
Bronze Co-Exam Form
LSI Practice Teaching Form

NLS/SFA Instructor
NLS Instructor Assistance Report
NLS Examiner Assistance Report

Application for Equivalency

Expense Claim
Expense Claim

Facility Inspection Report
Facility Inspection Report

Nova Scotia Lifesaving Society Program Guide (2021)

Safety Supervision Guidelines
Nova Scotia Safety Supervision Guidelines for Waterfronts

Province of Nova Scotia
Recreation Facilities: Maintenance and Cleaning Procedures
Canadian Drowning Report 2013 Edition
Preventing Child Drowning in Asia