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Canadian Red Cross Water Safety Instructors (who are a minimum 15 years of age) transition to Lifesaving Society Swim for Life Instructor certification by completing the Lifesaving Society Swim Transition Instructor clinic.

Swim Transition Instructor clinic: The self-guided, online clinic provides an orientation to the Society’s Swim for Life program. The clinic will be available in English and in French at / The clinic might also be offered in your province/territory in a synchronous online or in-person format.

The Lifesaving Society does not charge for the clinic and will waive the normal instructor certification fee. However, when you register you must purchase the Lifesaving Society’s Swim for Life Award Guide. You need this reference to be successful on the clinic and while teaching the Swim for Life programs.

Upon completion of the clinic, the Lifesaving Society will issue your Swim for Life Instructor certification. When the time comes, follow your Lifesaving Society Branch procedures to recertify.

This transition path ends December 31, 2022. If you do not complete the Swim Transition instructor clinic in 2022, you would be required to follow all normal procedures for Swim for Life Instructor certification including earning prerequisites, successfully completing the full Lifesaving Society Swim for Life Instructor course, and paying all related costs and fees.